Gero Heine Photography - Fine Art Wildlife Nature Landscape Color Black&White Sepia Photography from Africa, India, California and the Western U.S.
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"Playful Sperm Whale" Caribbean Sea, Dominica
"Sperm Whale Coming To The Surface" Caribbean Sea, Dominica
"A School Of Reef Squid Passing By" Caribbean Sea, Dominica
"Sperm Whale Near The Surface" Caribbean Sea, Dominica
"Sperm Whale Going For A Shallow Dive" Caribbean Sea, Dominica
"Sperm Whale Mother And Calf" Caribbean Sea, Dominica
"Short-Finned Pilot Whales Surfacing To Breathe" Caribbean Sea, Dominica
"Sperm Whale Fading Into The Deep" Caribbean Sea, Dominica
"Female Humpback Whale Sunset Tailslap II" Maui, Hawaii
"Humpback Whale Breach I" Monterey Bay, California
"Risso's Dolphins Passing By Pebble Beach" Central California
"Male Sea Lion Emerging" Monterey Harbor, California
"Harbor Seal I" Monterey Bay, California
"Sea Otter Mother And Pup" Moss Landing, California
"Sea Otter In Late Afternoon Light" Monterey Bay, California
"Sleeping Elephant Seals I" Piedras Blancas, California
"Female Humpback Whale Sunset Tailslap III" Maui, Hawaii
"Elephant Seal Pups I" Piedras Blancas, California
"Awaking Elephant Seal Bull" Ano Nuevo State Park, California
"Humpback Whale Having A Look At Monterey" Central California
"Elephant Seal Pup" Point Lobos State Reserve, California
"Sea Otter 'Chilling' II" Monterey Bay, California
"Back Of A Humpback Whale" Monterey Bay, California
"Harbor Seal III" Puget Sound, Washington
"California Sea Lions in Regal Posture" Moss Landing Harbor, Monterey Bay, California
"Rival Elephant Seal Bulls On A Winter Morning" Ano Nuevo State Park, California
"Harbor Seal II" Moss Landing Harbor, Monterey Bay, California
"Harbor Seal IV" Point Lobos State Reserve, California
"Humpback Whale Feeding On Anchovies" Seacliff, California
"Humpback Whale And Anchovies I" Seacliff, California
"Humpback Whale Breach III" Monterey Bay, California
"Humpback Whale Lobtailing I" Monterey Bay, California
"Humpback Whale Fluke-Waterfall I" Monterey Bay, California
"Jellyfish II" Point Lobos State Reserve, California
"Jellyfish I" Point Lobos State Reserve, California
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