Gero Heine Photography - Fine Art Wildlife Nature Landscape Color Black&White Sepia Photography from Africa, India, California and the Western U.S.
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Africa - People and Culture India - People and Culture
Impressionist Interpretations Through Motion Namib Desert Texture and Nature's Abstractions
Images of Condors in California, Eagles in Alaska and elsewhere and miscellaneous raptors.
"Bald Eagle On A Cold Winter Morning" Juneau, Alaska
"Bald Eagle In Flight III (Head On)" Haines, Alaska
"Bald Eagle Stretching Out" Lake Casitas, California
"Osprey Preparing To Take Off" Central California
"Bald Eagle Soaring By" Utah
"Juvenile Bald Eagle Getting Mobbed" Utah
"Bald Eagle Flying Through A Frosty Mist" Alaska
"Juvenile Bald Eagle Landing" Alaska
"Bald Eagle Landing I" Alaska
"Bald Eagle Taking Off I" Alaska
"Bald Eagle Squabble In Trees" Alaska
"Bald Eagle In Flight IV" Alaska
"Bald Eagle Soaring Past Frozen Trees" Alaska
"Bald Eagle In Flight I" Alaska
"Bale Eagle In A Frosty Mist" Alaska
"Bald Eagle Taking Off II" Alaska
"Bald Eagles Squabble On The River Bank" Alaska
"Bald Eagles Squabble On The River Bank II" Alaska
"Bald Eagles - Quiet Ambush" Alaska
"Sub Adult Bald Eagle Passing By" Alaska
"Bald Eagles Squabble Over Fish I" Alaska
"Bald Eagles Squabble Over Fish II" Alaska
"Bald Eagles Squabble Over Fish III" Alaska
"Bald Eagle Squabble - Seniority Prevails" Alaska
"Bald Eagle Returning With A Prize" Alaska
"Bald Eagle On Frosty Branches" Alaska
"Bald Eagle Coming In Low" Alaska
"Bald Eagle In Flight II" Alaska
"Osprey In Flight With Fish" Central California
"Red-tailed Hawk Attacking A Bald Eagle" San Benito County, California
"Osprey Multitasking" Central California
"Osprey In Flight Close Up" Central California
"Osprey Quarrel I" Central California
"Osprey Encouragement To Fish" Central California
"Osprey Feeding Mid Air" Central California
"Osprey Wash Up I" Central California
"Osprey On The Hunt" Central California
"Female Northern Harrier Hunting" Central California
"Turkey Vulture Taking Off Over Spring Flowers" Central California
"Bald Eagle Pair I" Central California
"Bald Eagle Pair Air Games I" Central California
"Bald Eagles And Ravens (Sort Of) Sharing A Meal" Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
"Golden Eagle Coming In To Feed At A Carcass" Gros Ventre Mountains, Wyoming
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