Gero Heine Photography - Fine Art Wildlife Nature Landscape Color Black&White Sepia Photography from Africa, India, California and the Western U.S.
African Birds African Herbivores: Hippos, Rhinos, Giraffes, Zebras ... America - Cranes, Pelicans, Shorebirds... Bison Central California - Condors & Golden Eagles Cheetahs, African Wild Dogs, Hyenas... Elephants (African) India - Wildlife and Nature Lions & Leopards Marine Animals North America - Bald Eagles, Ospreys... North America - Bears, Bobcats ... North America - Mustangs, Moose, Elk ... North America - Wolves, Foxes, Coyotes Polar Bears Snow Leopards Tigers Timeless Wildlife (Black & White) Timeless Wildlife (Sepia Toned)
Central California Sea-/Landscapes Dunes & Desert Mountains and Rock Formations Timeless Landscape Trees
Africa - People and Culture India - People and Culture
Impressionist Interpretations Through Motion Namib Desert Texture and Nature's Abstractions
"White Mustangs' Dusty Dispute (with foal looking on)" Northwest Colorado
"White Mustang In Northwest Colorado" Colorado, USA
"Tule Elk Sunrise" Point Reyes National Seashore, California
"Roosevelt Elk Foggy Sparring Match" Redwood National and State Parks, California
"Two Mustangs I" Wyoming
"Mustangs On A Wyoming Summer Morning" Wyoming
"Bull Elk Feeding in the Late Afternoon Winter Sun" Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
"Fawn I" Oak Savanna, California
"Mountain Goat And Kid" Mount Evans, Colorado
"Bull Moose In Fall Foliage" Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming
"Bull Moose Portrait" Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming
"Pronghorn In Late Afternoon Light I" Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming
"Pronghorn In Late Afternoon Light II" Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming
"Bull Moose In A Pond" Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming
"Bull Moose In A Pond II" Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming
"Elk Couple" Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
"Early Morning Mustang 'Kiss'" Southern Wyoming
"Two Mustangs II" Wyoming
"Elk Cow at Swan Lake Flats" Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
"Mountain Goat Billy Coming In To Feed II" Glacier National Park, Montana
"Elk Bachelor Herd In A Spring Snowstorm" Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming
"Moose Calf Feeding (At the Willow's Edge)" Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming
"Bull Elk Feeding on Blacktail Plateau" Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
"Mule Deer Out in the Open" Santa Cruz Mountains, California
"Deer Running Through Snowscape Impression" Gros Ventre Mountains, Wyoming
"Fawn and Doe I" Oak Savanna, California
"Fawn II" Oak Savanna, California
"Fawn III" Oak Savanna, California
"Bighorn Ewes II" Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
"Lone Mustang in the Late Afternoon" Southern Wyoming
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